Carpretty Nottazebroh Carpet (160 x 230 cm)

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The name of this rug says it all: it’s a carpet, and it’s pretty. The flatwoven structure creates a comfortable, chic look with a cool edge. The sustainable, UV-resistant, waterproof material also makes Carpretty ideal for outdoor use. The perfect way to connect your indoor environment with the outside world. The non-slip, antistatic and maintenance-friendly carpet is available in two sizes and versions. Which pretty option will you pick?At 160 by 230 centimeters, the Carpretty Petit Nottazebroh may be the little brother of the Grand Frame – but he’s equally good-looking. Due to the soft, multi-level weaving, you’ll want to feel Nottazebroh under your feet all day long. This sustainable carpet is made of sturdy polypropylene and so it will last for a long time. The black and white tiger print (yep – it’s not a zebra!) adds a playful vibe to your room or garden. How wild are you willing to go

  • Material: 100% Polypropylene.
  • Easy to clean.
  • UV-resistant.
  • Combined multi-level weaving.
  • Anti-static.
  • Use: Indoor / Outdoor.
  • Designed by: Marta Veludo.
  • 160 x 230 x 1 cm.
  • Packaging: 16 x 16 x 162 cm.
  • 4,20 kg.
  • Packaging: 16 x 16 x 162 cm.
  • Product + packaging: 5 kgVacuum regularly. Place a damp cloth on the stain and blot, do not rub. Professional cleaning recommended if the stain remains.


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Black, Blue



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Carpretty Nottazebroh Carpet (160 x 230 cm)

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